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“Success does not come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”


A healthy mouth is it’s own mini healthy community and is the result of good daily habits. Celebrate your healthy smile by connecting with your larger community at some of Dr. Lisa’s favorite spots in Benzie County with your wooden token. Get a wooden token for having no decay, for sticking with a healthy dental habit between visits, for stopping an unhealthy dental habit or for crossing off something on your recommended dental to-do list. What is your oral health goal? Tell us and let us help motivate you.

We appreciate our patients and their commitments to oral health. Healthy habits make the world a better place, they really do. The habit of frequenting your favorite local businesses will keep these places we love healthy for our Benzie County community.

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” -Aristotle

One Token = $8 To Spend At The Toy Store

One Token = One Petoskey Stone Necklace

One Token = Three Small Cones or Two Large Cones or One Banana Split

One Token = One Hour Tube Down The Platte

One Token = One Draft Beer

One Token = One Free Nail Polish Change or

$10 Off Any Other Service

One Token = One Cocktail or One Dessert

One Token = One $10 Bouquet Pick Up At Sow She Grows

One Token = $10 Off Purchase at Eden Hill Greenhouse/Nursery


One Token = One Large Popcorn


One Token = One Portobello “Fries”

or One Seasonal Sangria

One Token =

One Chicken Schawarma


One Token = One Container of Whitefish Pate


One Token = One BBQ “Sammich”

One Token = $10 Off Purchase


One Token = One Wet Burrito

One Token = One Loaf of Rustic White Bread Or One Medium Latte Or One Cup of Soup


One Token = One 24 oz Star Thistle Honey Bear