Our ideal is helping a person become as healthy and disease free as they choose to be. 

Most people in their early years have no tooth wear, no periodontal disease, no restorations of any kind.  Over time, mostly because of diet and lifestyle, disease develops in different ways in the mouth. In traditional dentistry doctors are taught to react to diseases and repair defects but rarely do they focus on causes. It does not have to be this way.

When we stop and look at why a tooth is painful or broken or why gum tissue is irritated or bleeding, it prevents further more expensive damage. A cure for a painful tooth can be a simple bite adjustment. A cure for irritated gums can be as simple as learning better techniques for at home care.

In our office, we believe in working together as a team with you, the patient.

We offer:

  • preventative hygiene

  • in-office same day PRIMESCAN CEREC crown and filling restorations

  • Michigan laboratory fabricated crown if you choose to not have a same day in-office crown

  • quiet electric handpieces

  • state of the art lasers for tissue management and whitening

  • clear aligner technology including Invisalign orthodontic treatment

  • restoration of dental implants

  • dentures with digital scans

  • metal and tissue colored flexible partials

  • nutritional and preventative counseling

  • a five year guarantee on services

We are here to offer solutions and quality results with ways to help you make those results last.


Discover outstanding speed and accuracy with Primescan, the newest and most accurate scanner available. *This is not one of our patients, it is the demo from Primescan!