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If you are reading this, good for you that you care about your dental health. Benzie County is lucky to have several great dental offices, each with their own unique style.  If you are a patient in our office, you already know we do things at a different speed. We're focused on prevention, building relationships, restoring trust in the field and making your smile last with the highest quality dentistry. 

At the very core of our practice is the personal connection we have with each and every person that walks through our door. We are passionate about prevention and recognize that every patient has different needs and the freedom to choose their level of care. 

If you're not a patient, stop in and say hello.  Talk to us about how we're unique.  


Our Services

preventative and restorative care

Most people in their early years, have no tooth wear, no periodontal disease, no restorations of any kind.  Over time, mostly because of diet and lifestyle, some people develop decay and gum disease and tooth wear. In traditional medicine and dentistry doctors are taught to react to diseases and repair defects. Traditional medicine and dentistry are big on cures, but small on causes. It doesn't have to be this way. Sometimes a cure for a painful tooth is a simple adjustment.  Sometimes, when we stop and look at why a tooth is painful or broken, it prevents further damage. As a patient, how you choose to fix what is broken is up to you. We believe in working together as a team with specialists nearby who are fully trained in their field of expertise. We are here to offer solutions and quality results with ways to help you make those results last.

Our ideal is helping a person become as healthy and disease free as they choose to be. 

Our commitments to our patients

We will do our best to always be on time and never keep you waiting.
We will always treat you with dignity and respect.
We will always care for you as we would those we love.
We will always tell you the truth.  
We will always give options and the freedom to choose the level of care you want.
We will always inform and educate before we perform.
We will always inform you of what to expect during and after treatment.
We will always work with you to deliver the care that is in your best self-interest.
We will always put you and your needs and health first.


Dr. Musgrave has the skills, experience and personal touch that make her one of the best dentists I’ve known in the past seventy years. Dr. Musgrave’s thoughtful approach is very caring and her expertise is commendable. The professional and friendly staff does a top notch job to accommodate the unique needs of each patient in all areas of dental health as well as in appointment scheduling.
— Dale Collie